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Learn How To Make Glitter Words/ Text To Your Myspace / Web Page:

  1. Enter your desired glitter text in the "Your Text" column box .
  2. Select the font you want to be your glitter text. 
  3. Select your text size.
  4. Select your text angle.
  5. Select the glitter image that you wanted to be your texture of your text. Clicking the "Click to select" button will open a new window of selection for different kind of glitter images.
  6. Choose your desired texture glitter image.
  7. Choose shadow or border value, either "Yes" or "No"
  8. Select the value of the border line. The increase number will have thicker border line.
  9. Then Click "Create Text" and it will process your glitter words.
  10. Finally, Copy the codes from the textbox to your website/ Myspace site

These Glitter Image Codes can be used on Myspace, Xanga, Friendster, Live Journal, or personal website.

If you're having difficulty from creating glitter words, you can email me at help@glittermakercodes.com_NOSPAM.

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